Mica Tapping Machine

2 HP (3 phase) electric motor each line (Hemal Electromech make).

~ 2 HP AC Drive each line (Danfoss Make).

~ 4 Gear Sets each line (MS material).

~ V-Belt System in Each Boxes.

~ 13 inches Aluminium Material Paper Dish.

~ Shreeji Machinery’s Travers System each Head.

~ Dia Spinner 13 inches.

~ Spindle ID 13mm.

~ Heavy duty clutch in rear Travers system.

~ Pipe length for Extra tape  will be 150mm.

~ Machine’s width About 2600mm.

~ Heavy Duty gear box in each line.

~ 500 mm. Capstan Wheel each Head.

~ Rear Bobbin size up to 650 mm Flange Diameter and 500mm inner to Inner Width.