Double Cotton Covering Machine


~ 10 inches Aluminium Material Disc.

~ 2hp AC Electric motor each head. (Hemal electromech make)

~ 2hp AC drive each head. (Danfoss make)

~   325mm. Rear Bobbin Traverse. (Maximum Bobbin size inner to inner is up to MAXIMUM 6.5 inches).

~ Heavy Duty Rear Clutch System each head.

~ Cotton Covering from 1.0mm to 7mm for Bare Aluminium.

~ Cotton Covering from 1.0mm to 5mm for bare Copper..

Why you take Machine from us??

  1. All Machines are zero maintenance machine.
  2. Machines are silent.
  3. Bearing Free Rear Traver System.
  4. 1 Year Onsite Maintenance.
  5. Customized order will be done.
  6. 100% Genuine Parts are used.
  7. We do maintenance of any other Company machine.

The Double paper covering/transformer winding conductor (paper Coated ) basically used in

Winding purpose specially for HT and LT windings of Transformers as secondary and primary
Windings for the purpose of electromagnetic induction by generating alternating flux whose
Amplitude is based on the primary voltage and number of turns in each winding.
Market Potential
The demand for DPC/TWC is directly related to the production of distribution and power of
Transformers, which in turn linked to power generation capacity of the nation. The electricalpower
Supply industry grew from 1367 MW from 1947 to 10036 MW by the end of 2000 with ability
Inclusion of 3000 MW in an average, annually posing a growth rate of 6.7 percent. Hence the
Distribution and power transformer also climbed from 14000 MVA from 1975 to 49000 MVA
Approximately in 1998 – 99, emphasising that the religion of the industry depends upon the
Power generation capacity, which can be directly co-related with capacity accession to power capability. It’s
Published By: The Development Commissioner (SSI), Ministry of SSI, New Delhi
Nicely, known the country as a whole is electricity shortage, at present and There’s potential of
Almost doubling the capacity of existing transformers consequently the requirement for DPC/transformer
Winding conductors is bound to increase.
Foundation and Presumptions
I) The basis for calculation of production capacity has been taken on single shift basis on 75%
Ii) The highest potential utilization on single shift basis for 300 days a year. Throughout first year and
Second year of operations the potential utilization is 60% and 80 percent respectively. The unit is expected
To attain whole capacity utilization from the next year onwards.
Iii) The salaries and wages, cost of raw materials, utilities, rents, etc., are based on the prevailing
Rates in and around cuttack. These cost factors will change with time and location.
Iv) Interest on term loan and working capital loan has been accepted at the rate of 16% over an average.
This rate may vary depending upon the policy of their financial institutions/agencies from time to time
V) The cost of machines and equipments refer to a Specific make / model and prices are
Vi) The break-even point percentage indicated is of full capacity use.
Vii) The project preparation cost etc. whenever required could be considered under pre-operative
Viii) The Important Manufacturing machines and test equipment required for the project have been
Indicated. The device can also use common test centers accessible in Electronics Test and
Growth Centres (ETDCs) and Electronic Regional Test Laboratories (ERTLs) and Regional
Testing Centres (RTCs).