Vertical Strip Covering Machine


~ 2 hp Ac Motor each line.
~ 2 hp Ac Drive Each line.
~ 12 inches Aluminum disc.
~ 3 paper Covering each line.
~ 560mm. Travers (Without left and right roating Helicle shaft)
~ V-Belt Drive System Each Line.
~ Covering Size Upto 3mm Ă— 10mm Aluminium Strip.
~ Heavy duty Big size Capstan wheel.
~ Heavy duty Rear Clutch system.
~ Heavy Duty Gunmetal Worm Gear in Gear Box.
~ MS material Spare gears.
~ Big size Heavy duty Gear box.

Why you take Machine from us??

  1. All Machines are zero maintenance machine.
  2. Machines are silent.
  3. Bearing Free Rear Traver System.
  4. 1 Year Onsite Maintenance.
  5. Customized order will be done.
  6. 100 % Genuine Parts are used.
  7. We do maintenance of any other Company machine.