Triple Paper covering Machine Manufacturer india

Triple Paper covering Machine Manufacturer india

Triple paper covering Machine

~ 1hp (3 phase) electric motor each line/head.
~ 1hp AC drive each line/head.
~ 4 gear sets each line.
~ 450 mm Travers.
~ Travers Bobbin size inner to inner upto 9 inches maximum .
~ V-belt System in Each Boxes.
~ 11/12 inches Aluminum Material Paper Disc.
~ Dia Spinner 12 inches. (Optional)
~ Wire Size for Tapping Up to 0.4mm to 1.6mm Copper. (Terms Apply)
~ Digital Counter meter each line (Optional)
~ FAG made standard Bearings in each main shaft of box.


Why you take Machine from us??

  1. All Machines are zero maintenance machine.
  2. Machines are silent.
  3. Bearing Free Rear Traver System.
  4. 1 Year Onsite Maintenance.
  5. Customize order will be done.
  6. 100{f59fb4c578e41a48105b8c26b22865799b95da49ef59cce56a43810480437e80} Genuine Parts are used.
  7. We do maintenance of any other Company machine.

Video of machine working.

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