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Our Product

We manufacture high quality T.P.C Machine with 1 Horse Power 3 Phase Electric motor which has 4 gear sets each line. For more details go to Product page.. More details click Here.
Our T.P.C Machine (Submersible wire) for heavy Gage wire is best quality that you can get in the market. It uses 2 Horse power electric motor with 3 phase line. It has 4 gear sets each line with 450 mm Travers. For more detail click Here
Our D.P.C Strip Covering Machine (Vertical) is very efficient. It comes with 2 horse power AC motor with Aluminum Disk and 450MM Travers. For More detail click here
This machine is very high efficient, with 2 hp motor & 2hp AC Drive of ABB company manufactured. It comes with Alluminium Drums 500mm. for More detail please click here
Key feature of this machine is it comes with Backelite Material paper Disc (10 inch) with 1 hp AC motor each Head also with heavy duty  325mm Take-off Traverse . For More detail please click here
Our Rewinding machine has 1 horse power motor with best quality schneider made 1 horsepower AC drive. For More details please click here.
This electric oven is with 1 horse power motor with Electric panel. Maximum temperature is 200 Degrees. Fore more detail please click here.

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Shreeji Machinery gives best quality with best price available in market.

Starting price is Rs 50,000/-

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